What kind of piece of Jewelry should I buy?

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Selecting a piece of jewelry should not be a big deal. You may think: which color,size or material is the best for me? Which Jewelry store near me is the best one?. By Monica Barber is eager to help you. 

The best colour for you:

To choose the best jewelry colour for you, you can determine your skin colour. It could be cool,warm or neutral.

By one hand, It is said that cool skin tone looks best with red, purple, and blue gemstones. Cool skin tone also matches best with white metals. Why don't you check our cathalogue? We are sure you will love it.

On the second hand, warm skin tone looks best with yellow, orange, and green. Yellow/gold stones. Warm skin tone also matches best with yellow metal.

Of course, the decision is yours. You can choose the piece of jewelry you like. "You don't know you are beautiful" sang One direction

Our handmade jewelry has been created to make you feel even more beautiful.  Contact us to see our wonderful Jewelry sets.

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